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Vans Authentic Unisex Canvas Lace Up Low Top Original Sneakers Gray Size 4.5 | Skateboarding

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The shaft of this product measures approximately Medium from the arch.

Experience ultimate comfort and style with our latest offering. The carefully designed shaft ensures a perfect fit, measuring at a medium length from the arch. This feature provides exceptional support and stability, allowing you to tackle any terrain with ease.

Crafted with high-quality materials, these shoes are built to last. The medium shaft adds an extra layer of protection to your feet, shielding them from potential impacts and providing optimal ankle support.

Whether you're hitting the trails or strolling through the city, these shoes will become your go-to companion. The medium shaft is specifically designed to promote a natural stride and enhance your walking experience.

Step up your footwear game with this remarkable product. The medium shaft measurement is the perfect balance between flexibility and support, ensuring a comfortable fit without compromising on performance.

size 10.5 Women/9 Men, 10.5Women/9Men, 11 Women/9.5 Men, 11.5 Women/10 Men, 11.5Women/10Men, 11Women/9.5Men, 12 Women/10.5 Men, 12.5 Women/11 Men, 12.5Women/11Men, 12Women/10.5Men, 5.5 Women/4 Men, 5.5Women/4Men, 6 Women/4.5 Men, 6.5 Women/5 Men, 6.5Women/5Men, 6Women/4.5Men, 7.5 Women/6 Men, 7.5Women/6Men, 8 Women/6.5 Men, 8.5 Women/7 Men, 8.5Women/7Men, 8Women/6.5Men, 9 Women/7.5 Men, 9.5 Women/8 Men, 9.5Women/8Men, 9Women/7.5Men


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